What makes me a Geek?

Today geeksaresexy.net asked its readers what made them geeks. I sat there and thought to myself, is there anything that does not make me a geek?
I can easily list all the things that make me a geek. But then, I stopped and realized that I have a large number of friends; in fact, almost everyone I know thinks that I am a frood (thats a man who really knows where his towel is or a really cool guy for those of you unfamiliar with Douglas Adams). Since I can’t figure out anything that makes me socially acceptable, I have reached the conclusion that geek chic is a genuine thing. Being a geek has become cool. Our culture is a rebellion of the intelligent, the made fun of and ignored, the geeky, the Trekkie, and everyone without social skills.
How is all this possible? The answer is apparent. We are living in the information age. Instant messengers, social networking sites, blogs, vlogs, and forums all allow the nerds to come out, meet each other, and celebrate common interests, all without the annoyances of getting dressed or showered.
Geek culture is also becoming more acceptable because more non-geeks are exposed and find our ideals interesting, whimsical, and generally fun. We are a people who never learned that games are a waste of time, that productivity and sports are what define success, and as it stands, we are the section of the population most capable of relaxing and getting things done for the sake of pure enjoyment. We enjoy what we do, and end up making these things our career, putting us several steps ahead of the rat race. We may never make it big, but even if we have to work till we die, we won’t have to retire to do what we love.



~ by Andrew Couture on March 24, 2010.

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