What’s a Cube?

A cube is a six sided figure where all the sides are congruent, duh.

Yes, yes, but what does a cube have to do with Magic, the Gathering?
Simply put a cube is a limited environment in a box. The cube constructor puts together singletons that allow for an interesting draft/sealed deck to be constructed by the cubists. I have a large cube, with sixty cards in each color, 50 artifacts, 60 lands, 50 hybrid, and 60 multicolor. That is 520 cards for those of you counting at home. I originally wanted 525 cards so that my cube could be a real cube, but I gave up on that in favor of roundish numbers.

I like cubing because it gives me a chance to play casually with my friends while still allowing me to indulge my Spike (read: powergamer) personality. Powergaming is frowned upon in many casual formats since it “decreases the fun” for others participating. The cube is my personal format, which means that I can push competitive strategies and no one gets angry since they are available to the table as a whole.

My cube tries to maximize the possible archetypes available, supporting aggro, control, but also combo. Since I wanted to allow each color to be suited to their strengths, red and black all have very low mana curves to promote a healthy environment for aggro decks(their average mana costs are 2.76 and 2.75 respectively), blue and white have slightly higher curves at 3.03 and 3.13 respectively to reflect that they also play a large role as far as control goes, finally green has an average cost of 3.03 since it is the traditional color of midrange decks. I know this because I keep track of my cube in an Excell spreadsheet, and strongly recommend anyone else do the same if they have not already done so.
The reason why all their curves are near the 3 mark is because it is important for every deck to be able to do something every turn.

My multi-color is higher than a lot of other people’s because my group of friends really likes running multi-color decks. If I encounter a group of people who primarily prefer mono-color, I am not adverse to adopting a much slimmer approach to multicolor.

I will be keeping records of my drafts pick by pick and delivering the winning deck each week since I host a weekly cube draft with my friends called Cubeday Tuesday. If I get sufficient feedback, I will post a breakdown of the cube one color at a time.



~ by Andrew Couture on August 18, 2011.

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