Cube Roster- Green

Hoo boy. Today I was requested to run through my roster of green cards since I did a spell heavy color yesterday. Green supposedly has the best creatures available to it, and I tried representing that with my 60. Green is also the color of mana acceleration and fixing. I carry that theme close to my heart. I run the bounce lands even though many cubists think of it as a sacrilege, but I needed the affordable fixing. That said, I do not run the signets as they accelerate as well as fix and can be run in any color.

Here we go:

1. Sakura-Tribe Elder – Its a 1/1 Rampant Growth! Block your guy then go get a land.

2. Slice in Twain – Naturalize’s larger fatter brother. The cube has many problem artifacts and some enchantments, so removal for those things is needed. This one is better in my opinion because it cantrips (draws a card, thus replacing itself) but I am not sure if that is worth the extra 2 mana. Thoughts?

3. Briarhorn – This guy just ruins combat. He is a 4 mana 3/3, which is good. With flash, which is better. AND he buffs something to +3/+3 which is huge. I will play him every time I draft him while green.

4. Natuarlize – Either this or Slice in Twain will be cut for an Indrik Stomphowler. I would like some votes either way please.

5. Terra Stomper – Big green and unstoppable. A nice finisher for green stompy decks.

6. Leatherback Baloth – Well ahead of the curve for power and toughness, just have to commit the triple green casting cost. Stompy, stompy. Kinda funny for something named after a turtle.

7. Garruk Wildspeaker – The original green planeswalker. He helps fix mana, makes beasts, and will kill you with Overrun. This guy was one of the originals who stood the test of time the best- right next to Jace.

8. Harrow – One of the best mana fixing spells of all time- just pray it doesn’t get countered and leave you a mana short.

9. Rot Wolf – The cube has a minor infect subtheme and this Gray Ogre is excellent, it encourages the opponent not to block until it can shrink one of their dudes or at least trade, replacing itself in the process of killing off a guy.

10. Lead the Stampede – So, I heard you were running 14-16 creatures. Lets draw 3-4 for 3 mana! Late game, this will easily refill a beatdown deck’s hand.

11. Acidic Slime – Destroy Target Awesome.

12. Thrun, the Last TrollTrollface.jpg – This guy hopes you have infect creatures or a Black Sun’s Zenith. He is on curve, uncounterable, and pretty much unkillable. I have lost an annoying number of games opposite this /btard.

13. Mold Shambler – Destroy Target Awesome 2.0- this time killing Planeswalkers, but not Artifact Creatures.

14. Skyshroud Claim – A true green ramp spell. Going from 4 mana to 6-7 mana is huge. Also grabs duals/shocks if I ever get my hands on a set.

15. Deadly Recluse – Good way to deal with fliers.

16. Might of Oaks – For the little Timmy in all of us.

17. Wild Dogs – Green/x aggro is very possible with the way I have set up my cube. When playing aggro, you will ideally never have less life than your opponent unless you have already lost, thus making this downside negligible. People with control decks should not run this card. And late game, its totally worth it to cycle.

18. Bear Umbra – Whats better than tapping out? Not tapping out. Or tapping out a second time. Doubles your mana, and is an absolute beating on a trampler or something with some other form of evasion.

19. Viridian Emissary – Allows green to get in early damage and then to grab a land after blocking and trading or just gaining the green mage some extra life.

20. Green Sun’s Zenith – Repeated creature tutoring seems pretty good. I wish I had a Dryad Arbor to go with it, but maybe that’s being too cutesy.

21. Bloom Tender – A really cool card that I haven’t seen used to its full potential yet. I want someone to draft 5 color control and go to town. Or I want to find a better card; tomato, tomahtoh.

22. Beastmaster Ascension – Oops, you died.

23. Growth Spasm – Get a blocker and a land or get a land and a mana, who knows. On the cut list right now I think.

24. Vines of Vastwood – Who says that green doesn’t have counterspells?
“I kill your guy.”
“False… and hes HUGE”
“I buff my guy and kill you.”
“False… and he isn’t huge.”

25.  Skyshroud Ridgeback – Great to recur with Sun Titan! I really like dropping this guy turn 1 and getting in 4 damage early, also a good chump blocker later.

26. Elvish Piper – Cheating into play big things, or smaller things at instant speed uncounterably. Just a good use of 1 green mana each turn.

27. Dungrove Elder – I havn’t actually cast this guy yet, but I have a feeling that someone will weep.

28. Explore – Green’s Time Walk.

Aside: Time Walk is broken down to draw a card, play a land, the attacking and casting of spells is less relevant. You can look at many cards as a fraction of a Time Walk. 1/4 of a Time Walk is just drawing a card, 1/4 is playing a land, 1/4 is attacking and 1/4 is a main phase. Therefore, Explore is 3/4 of a Time Walk (since the land enters play untapped).
End Aside

29. Great Sable Stag – On curve power/toughness and an excellent color hoser to boot. Green gets hosers for U/B because they can actually answer threats, whereas green can only make them; therefore, green needs some threats that just can’t be dealt with.

30. Llanowar Elves – Possibly best common for 1 green other than Wild Nacatl, but thats for another day.

31. Devoted Druid – Just another mana elf, nothing to see here. Perhaps deserves to be replaced. I have quite a few doubts about my green selection honestly. It is had trying to make green a primary color of a deck.

32. Joraga Treespeaker – Mana Elf… BUT A REALLY GOOD ONE. Gives access to 5 mana on turn 3.

33. Summoning Trap – Gotta power out those fatties, and God forbid you counter my dude!

34. Gaea’s Anthem – Mass Creature pump – certainly more of a white ability, but green is happy to have it too.

35. Wall of Roots – Helps keep small fry off your back while powering green into mid and late game. I like this card more than most people I think. Would love to cast it alongside Avenger of Zendikar for true hilarity, unfortunately, I don’t have an Avenger.

36. Cudgel Troll – Mentioned in the last article as a pain in the ass. SO GOOD.

37. River Boa – More Island hate. Also a solid 2 mana creature. Regenerate is very nice in limited. I am looking for a Mire Boa if you know anyone who would want to mail it to me-  I have trade stuffs.

38. Yavimaya Elder – Captain Card Advantage. Just a great guy to have on your team.

39. Overrun – Yup, he’s dead.

40. Wood Elves – Fetch me some forests, and be quick about it. Is this worth a slot? I honestly need some comments on some of these selections- I just was not raised as a green mage. I think it would be an excellent inclusion if I had any duals.

41. Birds of Paradise – Best 1 green mana spent, EVER.

42. Basking Rootwalla – A nice agressive Green creature swinging for 3 on turn 2.

43. Jungle Lion – Does not know how to intercept. Aggro.

44. Blight Mamba – Why? Because. Placeholder for the Mire Boa I mentioned earlier.

45. Sylvan Ranger – A better Wood Elves, kinda. I think trading any basic land for it being in play is worth it.

46. Obstinate Baloth – It’s a rock. I remember casting Blightning at people only to have then discard a land, gain a life, and make a 4/4. Ruiner of Days this one.

47. Eternal Witness – Remember that awesome spell you played earlier? Lets do that again.

48. Cultivate – I love to get 2 cards for 1. Its not the strongest spell ever printed, but it certainly does its job, and doesn’t leave you holding the bag if countered.

49. Rancor – The enchantment that just keeps enchanting. WotC really broke it this time, that’s for sure.

50. Blastoderm – What if I told a red player that there was a spell that deals 15 damage for 4 mana? I am pretty sure that he would need to sit down. But green already knew that! Yay for Blastoderm and weird fading rules.

51. Krosan Tusker – Early game, it gets you a land and draws you a card for 3 mana. Late game? It does the same thing unless you absolutely need it to be a 5/6.

52. Viridian Corrupter – Blow up some artifacts and get a beefy 2/2 infecter out of the deal. Just remember – not a may.

53. Harmonize – Draw three cards for 4 mana in green… Thanks, Planar Chaos!

54. Search for Tomorrow – Who wouldn’t want a 1 mana ramp spell? No one.

55. Chameleon Colossus – Stompy, stompy.

56. Mitotic Slime – This creature will not die.

57. Genesis Wave – Because sometimes you just have an assload of mana and want to do something big and lulzy. On the cut list also I believe.

58. Rampaging Baloths – Stomp.

59. Primeval Titan – Deck thinning while being a big fat thing. Not terribly good in limited, but being able to fetch out nonbasics is always nice.

60. Blightwidow – Remember how awesome Giant Spider is in limited? Yeah, now make it better, thanks WotC.

So, that’s it for my green selection. I think that perhaps I have too much ramp and not enough threats, thus relegating green to a support color rather than a main color. I love drafting green/x in my cube, even doing green/x/y since I can fix so easily. I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing. And I would love input from the readers.



~ by Andrew Couture on August 22, 2011.

One Response to “Cube Roster- Green”

  1. 1. Naturalize over Slice in Twain – the fact that slice in twain needs 4 mana (2 green) means that you’re probably never going to use it at instant speed, whereas naturalize you may. You could probably cut both and put in your Indrik and a Nature’s Claim, which, as you’ve pointed out to me before, is generally more useful than naturalize.

    2. Mire Boa’s <$0.25 (generally $0.05)- pick it up next time you're buying singles – Bob probably has one.

    3. I'd go rampant growth over growth spasm – they are essentially the same, but growth spasm gives you a blocker and rampant growth you can ramp early – which I think would probably be more important. Overall, I think you can switch out that bit of ramp for something else.

    4. For better ramp than your Devoted Druid – Lotus Cobra (down to $9)?

    5. If you're looking for more 1-3 drops here's a short list of things that don't mostly suck and might be worth it (I've tried to stay away from strictly mana sources): Ashcoat Bears, Bramblewood Paragon, Mul-Daya Channelers, Elvish Herders, Elvish Hunters, Fauna Shaman, Gaea's Herald, Glistener Elf, Harvester Druid, Heart Warden, Joiner Adept, Multani's Acolyte, Nettle Sentinals, Heritige Druid, People of the Woods, Primordial Hydra, Ryhs the Redeemed, Seedcradle Witch, Skinshifter, Talara's Batallion, Taunting Elf, Tribal Forcemage, Vexing Shusher, Vinelasher Kudzu, etc.

    6. There's better 1-drop aggro in green than Wild Dogs.

    Ok, so that all was a bit much, but I think what you've built for green is ramp and game enders with some blockers. Pretty much all the 1-3 drops you have are ramp or blockers (or both). I think I counted 5 1-3 drops that were strictly for aggro. I'd say take out some mana sources and trade them in for either some combo makers (Fauna Shaman), mix (Mul-Daya Channelers), or some interesting aggro (Skinshifter).

    Sidenote 1. Turn 1- Glistener Elf – Turn 2 – Giant Growth / Groundswell … f***ing crazy…

    Sidenote 2. I would add Groundswell somewhere in there (if not Giant Growth) because 1 mana +4/+4 is ridiculous (especially if you have infect stuff, like Inkmoth Nexus)

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