Cube Roster- White

White in my cube plays a mix of aggro and control; some cards would be terrible in either format while being an all-star in the other. Other cards are fine in either. I see white being heavily drafted, so I think that is a good sign, or maybe it just means that I have a noble and just playgroup.

Oblivion Ring – This card shouldn’t need much explanation. It kills any problem permanent that needs to be removed, temporarily.

Crusade – Aggro player’s buddy.

Standard Bearer – Card that needs an answer before they can answer anything else. Not really all that awesome, but full of hilarity.

Pacifism – Toss on a creature, breathe easy.

Condemn – Get out of here attacking dude!

Wall of Omens – Draws a card, is a wall, gets the control player to the late game. Aggro should pass this one.

Leonin Relic Warder – One of the better hate bears. Temporarily removes a problem while beating face in.

Kor Cartographer – Gets the control player from 4 to 6 mana. This is cuttable honestly.

Steppe Lynx – Meow! Take 2. This card is straight up awesome. I have gotten in for 8 damage with one of these.

Blade of the Sixth Pride – Does this cube have a cat theme? It seems that way. Anyway, a 3/1 for 2 is awesome, even with no other abilities.

Slith Ascendant – Mmm. So good. It flies! It gets bigger! This is the best of the sliths as it has a pretty relevant evasion ability. It also can put away games if left unchecked.

Infantry Veteran – On board combat trick. Either kills off a previously safe blocker, or it gets an extra point of damage through.

Kor Firewalker – Red hoser.

Knight of Sursi– 2 types of evasion on the same creature! Can be suspended on turn 1 for a turn 4 2/2 flying hasty creature.

Priests of Norn – Excellent blocker, not usually relevant when attacking, but eventually people have to worry about it.

Kor Skyfisher – turn 2 2/3 flier? Okay. Also lets you rebuy ETB (enters the battlefield) effects.

Journey to Nowhere – More temporary removal.

Elite Vanguard – Another above curve dude. I am looking for Savannah Lions as well.

White Knight – Efficient beater. First strike is very relevant in a format where lots of things have a higher power than toughness.

Leonin Skyhunter – Another efficient beater. (Also a cat…)

Mother of Runes – 1/1 for 1 that gets damage through, counters spells and blocks anything. Seems okay.

Kazandu Blademaster – On curve creature that attacks and blocks with first strike. Its pretty awesome.

Choking Fumes – Another card that punishes attackers. I have seen this card ruin days. I would love to see this played more, but maybe it isn’t strong enough.

Kemba’s Skyguard – A 2/2 flier will help win aggro races as well as putting the control player into a more comfortable life range.

Hero of Bladehold – I have lost an uncomfortable number of games to this creature. It demands an answer before the opponent can swing. How many other 4 mana creatures swing for 7?

Emeria Angel – Play a land, make a bird. Eventually your flying army will be superior to any other air force!

Honor of the Pure – Like Crusade, but only buffs your own creatures in the event of playing another white deck.

Benalish Commander – This card is straight up cuttable. It really needs to be replaced with something awesome, like Savannah Lions.

Student of Warfare – I do enjoy attacking for 3 on turn 2. I wouldn’t put too much mana into leveling it up since it can be killed in response, but late in game, it lets the aggro player spend his mana after emptying his hand.

Kor Sanctifiers – Efficient body and blows up something if needed. Friend of both aggro and control.

Reveillark – Excellent recursion, and an efficient body. This card is just pretty sweet.

Martial Coup – You can scrub the board and recover in one fell coup. This is a great card.

Day of Judgment  – Or you could just scrub the board. I really want a Wrath of God in this slot since there is a lot of regeneration in this cube.

Phyrexian Rebirth – Another wipe that gets you a dude. At 6 mana, this is rather expensive, but I have seen it dominate games.

Dawnglare Invoker – Its a decent body for its cost, and if the player makes it to 8 mana, the game ends immediately.

Celestial Crusader – A Crusade at instant speed with Split Second is pretty cool. It has a reasonable size and evasion too.

Ranger of Eos – 4 mana 3/2 that draws two cards is pretty awesome.

Luminarch Ascension – It is very hard to get online in this environment, but it solves clogged board states and quickly ends games after online.

Arrest – Like Pacifism, but better. Not as good as Prison Term though.

Elspeth, Knight Errant – This walker defends herself, hits the defender like a truck, and protects the rest of your permanents, although I don’t think you will ever reach her ultimate since they will most likely be dead.

Loyal Sentry – Come at me, bro.

Path to Exile – One of the best removal spells in the game. the upside for the opponent is occasionally relevant, but late game, it can simply destroy a board, trading a bomb for a land is pretty sad.

Linvala, Keeper of Silence – Good sized flier that shuts down several other creatures. Definitely a pain in the butt to be sitting across from.

Knight of the White Orchid – White plays “catch-up” in terms of acceleration. And not to sound like a broken record, its a good beater.

Order of Whiteclay – I have seen this card do terrifying things. Its a second Sun Titan and is just really good in general.

Karmic GuideBreath of Life on a stick – works well with Reveillark.

Kor Hookmaster – Does anyone else really like this card? I love this guy. Locks down a blocker or a utility creature for 2 turns.

Armageddon – Aggro gets out threats turns 1-3 then blows up all lands on turn 4. Ouch.

Accorder Paladin – Remember Blade of Sixth Pride? Meet his meaner brother.

Guardian Seraph – I haven’t seen this creature perform. It is a recent addition that could be awesome, or a flop.

Isamaru, Hound of Konda – 2/2 for 1. No drawback. Perfect.

Scepter of Dominance – Will soon be Gideon’s Lawkeeper I believe. There aren’t that many permanents besides creatures that need to be tapped.

Baneslayer Angel – I don’t really think this creature needs an explanation. Moment of silence for all the Banes that have been slayed.

Swords to Plowshares – This is the best removal spell ever printed. Of course I run one.

Mirran Crusader – 4 damage from a 3 drop that has some serious protections. Green isn’t used to not being able to block, and black is always relevant.

White Sun’s Zenith – MAKE CATS AT INSTANT SPEED. I want this to be good. I really want to meow at people.

Sun Titan – Just a pile of awesome. Get back a permanent every turn? Yes please.

So, I think that I have done a good job of balancing White’s aggro aspect with its control aspect. There are still some cards that I think would be good, and I have heard of others doing a Rebels theme to help boost white weenie and marking on certain cards to add the rebel subtype. I don’t really think that I need to do that, but if I wanted to take it in a new direction, I wouldn’t be opposed to that. Once again, comments on card choice or questions about anything are encouraged.



~ by Andrew Couture on August 23, 2011.

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