Cube Roster- Blue

Blue is a powerful color in the late game. If the blue mage can stabilize before dying, he can usually pull off the win. My cube focuses on blue’s fliers and its control suite. These include counters, bounce effects, and control magic effects. Blue also has quite a bit of card draw to help it once it has gotten to a more stable situation.

1. Sleep – Allows the blue mage to live an extra turn if on the losing end, or removes the opponent’s blockers for two turns for the kill or at least the chance to get back into the game.

2. Tinker – One of the most broken tutors of all time. I am still waiting to see the turn 3 Blightsteel Colossus.

3. Curiosity – Good card advantage, and an infinite damage ability when enchanting Niv Mizzet, the Firemind.

4. Abduction – I don’t own a Control Magic, so I run this instead.

5. Frost Titan – The titan that beats titans. Frost Titan lock is a pretty annoying place to be.

6. Stronghold Zeppelin – The efficiency of Blue’s fliers allows for a reasonable clock. This one is on the cutting board for a Conundrum Sphinx or something.

7. Jace, the Mind Sculptor – I worried that putting him in would make blue too strong, but the aggro decks seem to be very good at keeping the pressure on. He can still put away games if resolved right after a Wrath effect.

8. Into the Roil – Flexible bounce and possible draw to boot.

9. Leech Bonder – I have seen card has been played frequently, but I have not seen it do as well as it seems it should. It is on the cutting block as well. Also the ugliest Merfolk I have ever seen.

10. Phantasmal Bear – In case someone wants to try the Blue Beatdown.

11. Withdraw – Why bounce 1 creature, when you could bounce 2?

12. Mulldrifter – Many people see this as a Divination, but in a format like this one, you’re better off paying full price and getting the 2/2 flier out of it as well. Cubing is all about milking the value from the cards you have.

13. Rishadan Cutpurse -Sometimes it gets land when they tap out on turn 3. I don’t really know if this guy is worth a slot.

14. Consecrated Sphinx – Who does not like drawing 3 cards each turn while attacking for 4 or blocking all day? No one.

15. Hada Spy Patrol – Soon to be an Azure Mage. Both are early drops that allow the player to sink mana into them later in the game. The difference is that the mage’s ability is an instant and will still do something if it is killed in response.

16. Phyrexian Metamorph– A cheaper Clone with a minor drawback, but can also be a Sculpting Steel? Seems good. As I said, flexibility is paramount in this format.

17. Spreading Seas – blue can get aboard the Mana Denial Train by taking out a key nonbasic like Orzhov Basilica or its bretheren.

18. Rewind – Counter that and still have mana up for the next thing you do. Better to cast late game.

19. Counterspell – “No.”

20. Rishadan Airship – Blue Beatdown.

21. Ponder – One of the best cards for digging available.

22. Calcite Snapper – Blocks all day or swings for 4.

23. Snap – Free creature bounce seems pretty cool.

24. Skywinder Drake – Blue Beatdown.

25. Deceiver Exarch – Remember, Splinter Twin? Yeah. This guy. Also makes combat annoying for the opponent.

26. Shaper Parasite – Guaranteed to kill something, or block something.

27. Gush – I just wish I had a Psychatog to truly abuse this card. This is just a fantastic draw spell.

28. Power Sink – Counter and tap your lands!

29. Serum Raker –  Efficient Blue flier, still a bit weak for the cube though.

30. Ensnare – Instant speed almost Sleep for free.

31. Fathom Seer – Gush on a stick.

32. Darkslick Drake – Good flying blocker, replaces itself upon death.

33. Neurok Invisimancer – Gets in some damage the turn it enters and then every turn thereafter.

34. Scroll Thief – Blue’s creatures are fairly weak, so I frequently see it being used as a support color for colors with better creatures. However, in a deck that can consistently get damage through, an extra card each turn is huge. Unfortunately, this is strictly worse than Thieving Magpie.

35. Clone – Kills Legendary Creatures, copies their bomb, gives you an additional threat. Seems pretty geed for a color that is a little lacking in the creature department.

36. Vedalken Anatomist – If you get this guy online in the late game, he can easily take over games by himself.

37. Daze – Free counterspells are pretty sweet.

38. Preordain – A combo player’s good friend. Also friend to toolbox style decks.

39. Thieving Magpie – Strictly better Scroll Thief.

40. Mind Spring – Late Game hand restock. Good for the control mage or for the aggro mage.

41. Ninja of the Deep Hours – Also better Scroll Thief. I should probably turn Scroll Thief into a Phantasmal Dragon or something.

42. Trinket Mage – There are a couple good 1 drop artifacts. I will probably cut this for something more relevant since I cut Sol Ring based on the fact that any deck that plays a turn 1 Sol Ring wins.

43. Grand Architect – MAKE ARTIFACTS FASTER. Also makes the blue dorks more relevant. This guy is a house if left unchecked.

44. Willbender – My favorite card ever after Cruel Ultimatum.

45. Aether Adept – The ‘fixed’ version of Man-o-War. That said, if anyone wants to donate a Man-o-War to the cause, I will happily replace something with it. Blue relies a lot on tempo, and this is a good way to generate it.

46. Future Sight – Infinite card draw at the expense of letting your opponent see things! Le Gasp!

47. Compulsive Research – Another good card to support either control or aggro- cheap hand refill.

48. Carnivorous Death Parrot – Better save a kill spell for this guy.

49. Miscalculation – Early game: efficient counter. Late game: Draw a card for 2.

50. Master of Etherium – This goes in an artifact deck.

51. Echo Tracer – I like tempo cards and morph cards. This is both.

52. Martyr of Frost – Turn 1 beater and a counter on a stick.

53. Cryptoplasm – See Clone, except that you can cast it before anything is on the field and it can change each turn based on how many cool things there are!

54. Veiling Oddity – A win condition for blue aggro. This card has remained unimpressive in my opinion, but then again, I have not straight up lost to it yet.

55. Corrupted Conscience – Steal your guy and make him better (while he is mine).

56. Brainstorm – Quality blue spell.

57. Pestermite – See Deceiver Exarch.

58. Capsize – The worst win condition for control ever. That said, I do it whenever I can.

59. Blue Sun’s Zenith – Instant card draw. I think this is a little too weak in limited to justify the slot in the cube. There is no real reason to run a cycle just for the sake of having a cycle.

60. Cryptic Command – Choose 2: Be awesome, and a little more awesome. Unfortunately, mine is full card art, so I have to constantly tell people what it actually does. This is the main reason why I don’t advocate foreign cards or full card art cards in this kind of setting.

Blue is probably my favorite color, but it is uncomfortably spell oriented, which leads to some awkward games where you are full of good cards but no way to really win the game. Since my cube is very multi-color oriented, this becomes less of a liability, and more of an annoyance.


~ by Andrew Couture on August 29, 2011.

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