Cube Roster – Artifacts & Lands

Today, I will be writing up my Artifacts and Lands. My lands are pretty much just cycles, so I will be talking about them as cycles and then any additional lands that I am/wish to be running. I run several artifact bombs, and I also run several “draft around me” cards that can fit into many strategies.

1. Necropede – A colorless infect creature that can easily 2 for 1 someone.

2. Plague Myr – A little bit of ramp with some nice poisonings.

3. Infiltration Lens – There are quite a few creature in the cube that you want to get through with damage and this gives the defending player a huge reason not to block. Better in aggro decks to either get damage through or to refill a sad hand.

4. Contagion Engine – Very slow Wrath effect that also charges up any Planeswalkers or any other awesome counters. Can also put away infect games.

5. Platinum Emperion – Big fatty for green to ramp into, also is good as a Tinker target.

6. Strata Scythe – Something is going to be huge.

7. Contagion Clasp – Colorless removal.

8. Mind Slaver – Lollerskates! I am going to make terrible decisions for you!

9. Sylvok Lifestaff – This equipment is awesome. It helps win aggro races or it helps the control mage get to end game.

10. Everflowing Chalice – Get me some colorless mana ramp! This could easily be a Sol Ring, but I find Sol Ring far too broken to run.

11. Pierce Strider – A Hill Giant that noms on your opponent’s life total is pretty sweet for a midrange deck or as a finisher for an aggro player.

12. Bonesplitter – Carry that Axe!

13. Ichorclaw Myr – Don’t block me!

14. Spawning Pit – Makes your opponent’s removal much less effective. Combos with Bloodghast as well as mass removal. Each token can also be sacrificed to make half of a new token. This card is annoying.

15. Mortarpod – Incremental damage just makes things slightly annoying for the opponent.

16. Pilgrim’s Eye – Colorless mana fixing, another good Sun Titan target.

17. Serrated Arrows – I seem to have a theme of my artifacts being mainly annoying. This follows suit.

18. Darksteel Axe – Carry that indestructible axe.

20. Darksteel Plate – Makes combat annoying. Best suited in green decks that want to get their 4/4 through. This can probably be something else though.

21. Flayer Husk – Cheap blocks and stick around to help out something later game.

22. Thopter Assembly – Colorless bomb!

23. Credit Voucher – This hand needs something still in my library… lets try and get it. I would prefer if this were Scroll Rack.

24.  Fireshrieker – Makes things twice as potent.

25. Tumble Magnet – Taps down problems, or lets aggressive decks get in for some final points of damage. Basically just a pain in the ass.

26. Perilous Myr – Trades with a 3/3 or a 2/2 first striker. Can also 2-for-1 with very little set up. Also puts someone to dead at the end.

27. Sigil of Destinction – Something for aggro to pump their mana into late game. I would love to see this stuck on one the unblockables for an insta-kill.

28. Whispersilk Cloak – I don’t really think this equipment does enough. I would rather this be one of the swords, but alas, I am le poor.

29. Bonehoard – Ach, Hans run! Its a Lurghoyf! That is colorless and can be strapped onto another creature.

30. Sword of Vengeance – Turns any creature into (almost) Akroma. Seems good.

31. Sword of Body and Mind – Sword of mostly irrelevant protections… The abilities are pretty sweet in a limited environment though.

32. Gorgon Flail – Deathtouch is nothing to sneeze at. The +1/+1 is just a little extra.

33. Blightsteel Colossus – RAWR! Its the one-shot robot.

34. Journeyer’s Kite – Lets slower decks pull out extra lands for deck thinning and allows that there will be a land drop each turn.

35. Emrakul, the Aeons Torn – There are quite a few ways to cheat this into play, and you even cast him off of the hideaway lands!

36. Leonin Scimitar – Cheap artifact that helps out aggro just a bit.

37. Shrine of Loyal Legions – Start out slow but you stall your way to victory with your white/x control deck.

38. Hex Parasite – Arguably a black card, but I think it is worth including in the artifacts since it is an answer to many things.

39. Precursor Golem – Another bomb-y Artifact.

40. Basilisk Collar – Lets pingers be absolutely degenerate. Also gives aggro decks some extra reach.

41. Ashnod’s Altar – Infinite combo with Thopter Foundry/Sword of the Meek. Also good for reanimation themed decks.

42. Pithing Needle – Take this, planeswalker!

43. Cranial Plating – I don’t think I am running enough artifacts to make this guy worthwhile.

44. Loxodon Warhammer – 3 mana artifact that puts away games by itself.

45. Sword of the Meek – Combo piece

46. Phyrexian Revoker – Pithing Needle that can attack.

47. Spine of Ish SahVindicate for 7 mana. Can completely pack up games if a way is found to abuse it.

48. Lotus Petal – Fast Mana. I don’t think this warrants a slot. I would rather it be Lotus Bloom. I did use this to cast Phyrexian Vatmother on turn 1 though. Land -> Lotus Petal -> Dark Ritual -> PV.

49. Voltaic Key – Abuse some artifacts, probably not worth the slot again.

50. Scythe of the Wretched – Kill your dude, make it mine. Seems good.


Enemy Ally/Pain Lands – I run these because they can be used immediately, but at a cost to the player. I still need quite a few of these to complete the cube officially.

M10 Ally Lands – I will be supplementing these with the Innistrad ones as well.

Bounce Lands – I am running all of them because they are just plain good. I have a fair amount of land destruction, so it is possible to punish greedy mana bases based around these.

WW Man Lands – Allied Lands that can knock the life out of the opponent seems good. I am still looking for a Lavaclaw Reaches.

Terramorphic Expanse and Evolving Wilds – Affordable 5 color fixing.

Treetop Village – 3/3 for 2 with trample that dodges sorcery speed removal is pretty good.

Halimar Depths – Reorganizing the top 3 cards of one’s library for U is nice.

Windbrisk Heights – It is pretty easy to attack with 3 things in a turn with this cube. Getting a free spell out of it is just awesome.

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle – Gives red decks a nice eventuality. Also pairs nicely with Primeval Titan.

Shelldock Isle – In an environment with 40 card decks, getting to 20 is really easy. This land is just nuts.

Oran-Rief, the Vastwood – Makes green’s dorks just that much better. Pairs nicely with Kitchen Finks.

Kabira Crossroads – This could as easily have been a Sejiri Steppe, but I dont know what other white land is really all that great. The 2 life is also fairly relevant to some races.

Peat Bog – Black likes its mana NOW, so I gave it the depletion counter land.

Teetering Peaks – Red likes its power boosts.

Terrain Generator – Allows some extra land drops.

Inkmoth Nexus – Evasive Poison creature.

Contested War Zone – Aggro kill card.

Mishra’s Factory – Aggro Land

Zendikar Refuges – These will be replaced with the Innistrad Enemy Cycle.

Shards Tri-Lands – 3 or 4 color decks are fairly common and these will get you there.

Scars Fast-Lands – Great for early plays and decks that like getting to the red zone.

Cycling Lands – Good for splashing. Sometimes you don’t need more than 2 lands of a color, and drawing the third is just bad. This lets you toss it away for a new card.


~ by Andrew Couture on September 1, 2011.

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