Cube Roster – Multicolor

Recently, I restructured my cube. I took out 40% of my two color cards. I went from running 5 multicolored cards and 5 hybrid cards of each color-pair to just running 6 cards of each color-pair. I did this because there were several multicolored cards that ended up as last picks consistently. I also wanted it to be a bit more possible for people to go mono-color. And it is very had for a table to have monocolored decks when so many multicolor cards are flying around. So, without further ado, the final section of the cube roster, broken up by their Ravnica Guilds and their Alara Shards:

Selesnia (G/W):

Loam Lion – It’s a 2/3 for 1, of course this is in.

Heartmender – It’s a 2/2 that you must kill twice in the same turn.

Kitchen Finks – It’s a 3/2 for 3 that will gian you 4 life over the course of the game. Great with the afore-mentioned card.

Behemoth Sledge – This makes any creature into a serious problem for the opponent.

Qasali Pridemage – It’s a 3/3 for two that can help combat the turn it enters, and it can explode problems.

Wilt-Leaf Liege – Hates on discard and has pretty relevant anthem effects and body size.

Boros (R/W):

Balefire Liege – Less relevant body, but way more relevant abilities.

Ajani Vengeant – Lockdown/Lightning Helix/Blow up some guy’s lands. This ‘walker is aggressive.

Figure of Destiny – Isn’t green supposed to get the best creatures? Good jorb R&D.

Spitemare – This Hill Giant is a giant pain in the ass.

Lightning Helix – Mmm. Toasty.

Moonhold – I have seen this card be a Time Walk against me. I was annoyed.

Gruul (R/G):

Boggart Ram Gang – 3/3 for 3 with 2 abilities on it? Yes, thank you.

Bloodbraid Elf – Cascading into… Boggart Ram Gang. Take 7.

Kird Ape – The original Loam Lion.

Hull Breach – Get out of here artifacts and enchantments!

Firespout – Burninating the flying dudes and burninating the ground guys! He was FIRESPOUT!!!

Simic (U/G):

Spitting Image – Repeatable Clone effects are pretty cool in my opinion.

Nulltread Gargantuan – So are 5/6s for 3 with a slight drawback.

Mystic Snake – 2/2 Counterspell. Delicious.

Coiling Oracle – Oh look: It’s something to Nulltread!

Simic Sky Swallower – Ending this game in short order.

Lorescale Coatl – This guy just keeps growing.

Orzhov (W/B):

Deathbringer Liege – A decently sized dude with pretty relevant anthem colors, and it kills things. This guy is a huge pain in the dick to be seated across from.

Necrotic Sliver – Funny Story: Years ago, I was bad at this game. I played primarily blue until one day, Slivers were re-released into the Magic Community. I made a 5 color sliver deck, and it was a steaming pile. One of my friends suggested that I run this guy, and I said: “WTF, he is terrible. Why would I want to sacrifice my precious Slivers?” Ah.. The innocence of youth.

Stillmoon Cavalier – Bit on the smallish side, body-wise, but he has the most relevant protections aside from red, and he has pump effects, and can gain first strike. I like his versatility.

Tidehollow Sculler – More like: Moderately annoying Sculler.

Gwyllion Hedge-Mage – Shrink your guy or make one of my own on turn 3. Or both on turn 4.

Pillory of the Sleepless – So, how do we make a Pacifism variant that is also black? Make them die a little every turn while their creature languishes in front of them? Perfect.

Rakdos (R/B):

Blightning – Ow, my hand.

Terminate – Ow, my dude!

Lyzolda, the Blood Witch – Ow, my life.

Fulminator Mage – Ow, my lands.

Ashenmoor Gouger – Ow, my life.

Lightning Reaver – OW, CHRIST.

Azorius (U/W):

Venser, the Sojourner – Ccccombo Guy. His -1 is awesome, and his bomb is really just unfair.

Plumeveil – Plum Evil as I call it. This guy is really annoying if you expect your opponent to have it.

Azorius Herald – Gain 4 and start beating face. Very Similar to Kitchen Finks with evasion and a smaller body.

Azorius Guildmage – Some creatures just gotta be tapped, and some abilities just gotta be countered. This guy is pure and delicious control.

Turn to Mist – Save from spot removal, block and remove the creature, take out their blocker, rebuy ETB abilities? This is pure value.

Dmir (U/B):

Sygg, River Cutthroat – I have never seen this card get online in a draft. But I want to.

Probe – I filter some cards- you pitch some cards.

Ghastlord of Fugue – I am coming for your hand!!! And to a lesser extent, your life total!

Agony Warp – Kill that creature, and make that other creature sad so I can kill it or ignore it.

Time Sieve – Mainly for the Lulz.

Soul Manipulation – Double-duty cards mean that you can save a slot in your deck for something else.

Golgari (B/G)

Glissa, the Traitor – She wins all her fights. The artifact recursion is mainly extra upside.

Creakwood Liege – My favorite of the Lieges, because I just really like making 3/3s every turn.

Maelstrom Pulse – “This card only hits one thing in a cube, why is it here?” “Because you’re a moron.”

Life/Death – This card has won me a surprising number of games. It has also lost me several games because I cannot do math at a competent level.

Putrid Leech – I will gladly trade my life total to make you dead.

Cankerous Thirst – Its like a really nasty pump spell.

Izzet (R/U):

Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind – Infinite combos with Curiosity. Also is a 4/4 Flier that draws you a card when it connects. I really want to draft around him, but people keep taking him from me.

Noggle Hedge-Mage –  Tap 2 things, or deal 2 damage. Seems pretty much awesome. Even better when you do both!

Jilt – Bounce that, and Shock that. I really do love this card.

Electrolyze – 2 damage divided as one chooses with a nice little cantrip.

Gelectrode – Pretty sweet pinger, all in all.

Dominus of Fealty – I really want to use this to steal a Planeswalker.

Grixis (U/B/R):

Cruel Ultimatum – My favorite spell in magic. This has to be featured in my 480.

Sedraxis Specter – Ow, my life. Ow my hand!

Jund (B/R/G):

Broodmate Dragon – The all-star of Alara Block.

Hit/Run – I still have not seen this card cast at someone. One day.

Naya (W/G/R)

Wild Nacatl – 3/3 for 1.

Woolly Thoctar – 5/4 for 3. (If you have not noticed, Naya is aggressive).

Bant (U/W/G):

Bant Charm – Versatility and power.

Rhox War Monk – 3/4 for 3, with lifelink.

Esper (W/U/B):

Sphinx of the Steel Wind – One day, I will Tinker for this, or I will make the most annoying esper control deck of all time.

Thopter Foundry – Combos with so many things.

When I was cutting down the dual colored cards, I cut down to 5 of each, but then I realized that I would rather have one of each of the color pairs additionally, so I put one of each back in.


~ by Andrew Couture on September 3, 2011.

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