Cube Draft 5

Sorry for the hiatus, but I was able to host a draft this Wednesday but not the week before. Last time, dear reader, I promised you that I would draft aggro. I did. My deck ended up being pretty sweet, but drafting aggro means that you will stay on target and are not allowed to wander off into fun control land. P1P1 was hard, but I stuck to it.

1.1: Kitchen Finks – Over Skinrender this pick made me very very sad. Finks may be a better card overall, but I do love me some rending of skin.
1.2: Loam Lion – Please note that according to the way my cube is arranged, this is a multi-colored card. Please, treat it as such.
1.3:  Llanowar Elves over Firespout
1.4: Figure of Destiny
1.5: Arc Lightning
1.6: Comet Storm
1.7: Eternal Witness
1.8: Gorehorn Minotaurs
1.9: Burst Lightning over Firespout
1.10: Blade of Sixth Pride
1.11: Krosan Tusker
1.12: Cryptic Command (This tabled twice please don’t make me cry at every draft)
1.13: Standard Bearer
1.14: Brainstorm
1.15: Simic Growth Chamber – Now I can splash my Cryptic!
2.1: Staggershock
2.2: Grim Lavamancer
2.3: Primordial Hydra – This is why I love being Green!
2.4: Lightning Bolt over Rootbound Crag and Great Sable Stag
2.5: Lightning Helix over Rugged Prairie
2.6: Bloodbraid Elf
2.7: Treetop Village
2.8: Armageddon
2.9: Steppe Lynx
2.10: Rootbound Crag over Great Sable Stag
2.11: Blood Ogre
2.12: Assault/Battery
2.13: Joraga Treespeaker
2.14: Stingerfling Spider – How was a creature that comes in, kills a bomb then blocks all day get 14th picked?
2.15:  Nulltread Gargantuan – No U/G drafters apparently. It could have been me!
3.1: Goblin Guide
3.2: Firebolt
3.3: Swords to Plowshares
3.4: Wild Dogs
3.5: Keldon Marauders
3.6: Sakura-Tribe Elder
3.7: Animate Dead – I knew Ethan was drafting black after passing him Skinrender
3.8: Moltensteel Dragon
3.9: Savannah Lions
3.10: Seaside Citadel
3.11: Plow Under
3.12: Reanimate – HOW ARE THESE STILL HERE
3.13: Thopter Assembly
3.14: Genesis Wave
3.15: Thieving Magpie – Why oh why was I not playing blue that day. I blame you dear reader. If it weren’t for you, I would have felt no guilt playing U/B control at that table.

So, I ended up with way too many cards that I wanted to play. I really wish that I had ended up with that Firespout and that Rugged Prairie. I somehow brain farted and did not record the deck that I ended up playing, but I will try to re-create it for you. Here is Andrew’s Naya.

Grim Lavamancer
Lightning Bolt
Steppe Lynx
Loam Lion
Wild Dogs
Savannah Lions
Swords to Plowshares
Goblin Guide
Burst Lightning
Lightning Helix
Sakura-Tribe Elder
Keldon Marauders
Blade of the Sixth Pride
Kitchen Finks
Arc Lightning
Eternal Witness
Blood Ogre
Gorehorn Minotaurs
Bloodbraid Elf
Comet Storm
Primordial Hydra

Rootbound Crag
Treetop Village
Plains x5
Forest x5
Mountain x5

Well, my land choice looks pretty bad in retrospect, so maybe that wasn’t what I actually chose. I think that I needed more plains and one less forest.

Anyway: Here are the notes that I took about my matches:

Me vs Luc with U/B Control
1.1: No Lands
1.2 Some Lands vs Double Titan

Me vs Rob with Grixis thing
2.1: Took out Moltensteel between matches. Need more white mana, should have taken Rugged Prairie. I still won this game.
2.2: Ow Blightning.
2.3: I ended the game with 23 Life.

Me vs Victor with R/W Control
3.1: 20 life, Treetop Village is a house, ❤ Firebolt
3.2: 13 life, Flashed back Firebolt for the kill.

Now, there were 3 people who ended up 2-1 and since it was quarter past midnight, we called it a draw.
Luc beat me, Ethan beat Luc, and Emily beat Ethan, but lost to Luc. It would have come down to tiebreakers, but the data was entered wrong and we could not reprocess the data at the time. For the sake of boredom, I will do it now.

The winner is:

Supreme Champion: Luc
Worthy Adversary: Andrew
Maybe Next Time: Ethan

Well, looks like I gave Luc the tie-breakers needed to win. Emily was no such luck for Ethan.



~ by Andrew Couture on October 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Cube Draft 5”

  1. How did Luc come out on top??? His deck was too slow, and didn’t have enough synergy. The cards were too varied to create a cohesive strategy.

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