Cube Votes:

Before answering the questions, you can refer to this document.

The cards that are highlighted in yellow are cards that I still need to acquire.

What cards would you like to see in the Cube?

What cards are you tired of seeing in the Cube?


~ by Andrew Couture on October 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Cube Votes:”

  1. I feel that your cube is too open to rush decks. While I agree that is a preferred mode when drafting, it tends to make the games all of a single style. You showed how truly effective building an aggro deck is, and i feel that soon, everyone will start rushing. It may become disinteresting.

    The planeswalkers are difficult to rate, but I have a personal vendetta against Jace.

    Many people draft black in your cube (myself included).

  2. Elves šŸ™‚

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