Close the window, there’s a BackDraft up in here.

This week, we finally did what I have been wanting to do since I constructed my cube. We had a backdraft. What is that? Clearly you don’t read Channel Fireball articles since Carrie Oliver wrote her article this week on funky draft formats. Simply put, a backdraft is a draft where you try to draft the worst deck possible then hand it to someone else and watch them suffer. Once they receive your pile of garbage, they then have to make a deck out of it and play it. The winner is the player who drafted the worst deck- not the player who wins the most games, or the player who lost the most. I won. My deck did not win a single game. This is partially on the pilot’s error, since he didn’t read his cards as thoroughly as he should have, but I did honestly hand him a pile of poop. Without further ado, here is a jank that I handed him.

teetering peaks
dragonskull summit
garruk wildspeaker
psychatog (first pick over Flesh Reaver)
viridian corruptor
scythe tiger
skyshroud ridgeback
boggart ram gang
goblin ruinblaster
hell’s thunder
goblin patrol
goblin fireslinger
shelldock isle
stoneforge mystic
runechanter’s pike
geist of st traft
blighted agent
gwillion hedge-mage
viscera dragger
white sun’s zenith
isochron sceptor
contagion clasp
celestial colonade
isolated chapel
guul draz assassin
go for the throat
steppe lynx
necrotic sliver
karmic guide
plague myr
bribery (last pick)
plague stinger
jace, the mind sculptor
gather the townsfolk
transcendant master
tezzy, agent of bolas
wrath of god
thopter foundry

My strategy for going into this draft was to draft a deck that literally did nothing. I feel like I came pretty close. Not enough aggro to aggro, not enough poison to poison, not enough U to play JTMS (stupid Bribery). My strategy ended up being “Draft all the cards with multiple colored mana symbols, and as few lands as I can get”. The deck that he ended up running starts at Geist of St. Traft. Note: This deck had 2 planeswalkers, and could have had a third, one of which was Jace, the Mind Sculptor and it still could not win a game. This is a direct counter argument towards “Planeswalker Magic” (the idea where you see a walker, slam it, and then your deck is sweet). It sort of helped that he didn’t realize that Tezzy’s -1 was for the rest of the game until match 3, but with only 4 artifacts in the entire deck, I don’t think running the walker was a correct choice. I ended up going 2-1 with the deck drafted by Billy Moreau: It was pretty much playing lands with some efficient beaters.

misty rainforest
into the roil
land tax
rootbound crag
fire-lit thicket
azorious guildmage
sword of body and mind
young wolf
stigma lasher
lonely sandbar
evolving wilds
kird ape
figure of destiny
hinterland harbor
llanowar elves
stiched drake
triumph of the hordes
deceiver exarch
calcite snapper
sulfur falls
bear umbra
crucible of worlds
platinum emperion
arid mesa

The deck’s all-star was actually Azorius Guildmage. I countered Sorin’s abilities, tapped dudes down with my single Plains, and it carried my Sword of Body and Mind like a champ. Funnily enough, every deck that I played against had blue in it, two of them also had green. I never cast Platinum Emperion all night, but I did have him in my hand when the deck that I drafted Bribed me and ended up taking a Blightwidow. I stole that game by tapping down his guy with my Guildmage, Threatening his 3/3, then bashing for 10 poison using Triumph of the Hordes. When we put this together, we decided to run it was a Swiss tournament, but counting losses as wins. This meant that a bye was an auto loss for the deck that played it, which was important, since we only had 7 players.

As fun as this format would be with regular packs, drafting the cube this way makes for some pretty hilarious last picks. I know that two people got handed Swords as last picks, and I got a Bribery. This draft actually made my brain hurt as I tried my best to draft cards that actually did nothing together.

May all your BackDraft opening packs contain White Sun’s Zenith.

-Andrew Couture


~ by Andrew Couture on March 28, 2012.

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