Returning to Ravnica

Hey y’all, sorry about the long absence again, but nothing interesting has really happened on the Cube front until yesterday evening. What happened? We Returned to Ravnica.

Ravnica was one of the most popular MtG settings of all time because it was a multicolor block, it featured some very powerful effects, and it truly defined the color pie in a way that people had not thought of before. People know what being Red meant, and people know what being Blue meant, but now, people could identify what it meant to be Red/Blue.
-Paraphrased from Mark Rosewater, lead designer of Magic

So, what does this mean for Cube? It means… that I can fix some multicolor sections that run confusing cards! That’s really about it. Here is my deck that went undefeated last night. I have never opened a stronger pool. I think that their idea to give out guild packs and allow players to use their promo was a good one, but I saw a lot of games where Hypersonic Dragon killed people and much fewer games lost to any of the other promos.

Without Further Ado:
Grixis Aggro-Control
Promo: Hypersonic Dragon
Mizzium Mortars
Azor’s Elocutors
Annihilating Fire
Stab Wound x2
Electrickery x2
Goblin Electromancer
Splatter Thug x2
Auger Spree
Nivix Guildmage
Assassin’s Strike
Ogre Jailbreaker
Stealer of Secrets
Rakdos Ragemutt
Mercurial Chemister

Izzet Keyrune x2
Izzet Guildgate
Rakdos Guildgate
Island x6
Swamp x4
Mountain x5

Notable sideboard cards:

I boarded in these cards against decks where Electrickery didn’t do anything.

Some notes on the evening: Mortars is very good, As is Cyclonic Rift, which I had played against me. The unleash guys are very powerful, and Rakdos has some very fast starts backed up by sweet removal. the UR cards that I had besides my non-rares were pretty meh, but I do like the repeatable looting on the Guildmage.

I killed 2 players with Life loss from Stab Wound, and I killed 2 players with filibuster counters off of Elecutors. The Izzet Keyrunes are very very good. I like having mana fixing that can turn into Ophidians. Oh, and Mercurial Chemister is a stupid good card. I probably drew 14 or 16 cards off of him over the course of the evening.

The only games that I lost whether just for fun or in matches were the two that I milliganed a one lander into a two lander stocked with 3 drops and never saw land number three.

Some notes on the format:
Selesnya seems like a trap- populate is a very powerful effect, but it is expensive, and sometimes is a literal do nothing. Izzet seems pretty poor at common/uncommon, but the Izzet aligned rares are ridiculous, as is Izzet Charm. Rakdos can put out a whole lot of damage really fast and kill you if your game plan is to do nothing until turn 4 or 5. Golgari seems strong, but I found myself mostly unimpressed sitting across the table from scavenge cards because of my plethora of removal. Azorius has some very powerful flyers and I think that it is a solid choice for sealed, but I am worried that it might be a little weak to draft because of the hard color commitments and the fact that evasion is good, and everyone wants some of it.

TL;DR: My deck was awesome and I love Grixis. 


~ by Andrew Couture on September 29, 2012.

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